So sorry you had to wait... I explain what has been going on with me, my obsession with the Van Tulleken twins, cheesy wafts, cabbage dilemmas and Honey We're Killing the Kids, plus a little bit of anthology news.

With many apologies for the long wait, Donna is back with Neil K. Bond to talk about getting their first Astra Zeneca jabs, trips to the beer garden, AC-12 puzzles and The Last Train. Plus nearly dying again! Hey, let's not get political about whether people should have their freedoms curtailed. But this is a rock pub dammit, and you should know rock things if you're gonna come in and sit with us, because... Oh, okay... I don't mind Lewis Capaldi either. Carry on!

I'm back! We're back... yes, I am joined by Neil K. Bond for this return to the airwaves as we are here to lift your mood and ours. It has been a tough start to the year, but let humour raise our spirits as we talk about code-breaking and Easter Egg trails, our excitement for Line of Duty and engaging with a gem of a 90s dystopian drama starring the fab Nicola Walker (unseen by either of us... until now). Come join our club for enjoying very old series that make us feel old but that we don't know anything about. What shall we call it? Club Lostalgia? Suggestions on a postcard, or comments section please!

Crazy advent shenanigans, as Donna gets ready for Christmas, plus a few PSAs.

Never mind the fact that your neighbours have had their lights up for a month already, Christmas has come early because I have an awesome episode for you featuring an interview with Ian Whates! Author of the Dark Angels and City of a Hundred Rows novels, and the man behind the multiple award-winning Newcon Press, as well as being the nicest chap in Science Fiction.


Stay tuned for some special publishing news at the end, as we have a super exclusive announcement that will be of interest to science fiction writers, and check out the link below for Newcon Press's current deals.

NewCon Press - Books - Special Offers

What can you remember about the start of this year? Let me jog your memory, but we did things like pubs and gyms and gigs. I had gigs. I had conventions. I had friends!

2020 is going to take way to long to recap so I've started early and looked back at January and February and some of the predictions people made back then about what sort of year we were going to have. It's crazy mad!

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This week, Donna is on a frugal mission to save money in the kitchen, leading her to investigate the nooks and crannies of the kitchen cupboards to match ingredients to weird recipes she's found in very old cookbooks. Plus mental health, Christmas isn't yet - stop making it Christmas, a sketch and a song!


Links to gigs, Mr Badger Talks to Utter Scum.

Come back here on November 22nd for Awkward Question Time.


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This week Donna chats with her friend, the comedian Jon Pearson, a mere two days before Lockdown 2: This Time It's Unworkable was announced, rendering most of the tour dates he came on to plug immediately obsolete. So listen instead to hear about our crazy times as pub managers, running quizzes with idiots, and find out which one of us kept the bowling alley, and which one of us could have done GCHQ's job for them. 

Jon's latest podcast adventures with Harriet Dyer and Lindsey Santoro, The Biggest Idiot, can be found here.

And here is his YouTube channel:


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This week, Donna's co-host is Harvey, a chap who despite not being actually middle-aged has already gone very grey and who managed to fall asleep in the middle of the episode. That's before I even started my jokes! Okay he's a dog. But, yes he did heckle me with a shoe.

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Watch me here (it happened already, and someone got very, very drunk). And here (it will happen on Sunday).


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