Oh my life it's sooo hot! The Lemonade Budget is brought to you from a car park at the Services and my garden, as I recount my first live gig back since they were allowed, and what it's like being a tourist with social distancing and time limitations. Note - the word Staycation was not used! Yeah so first gig back eh? And trying to spot a meteor from the shower to wish things better.

In this episode, Donna and Neil puff and wheeze around the Leicestershire countryside because they have to be somewhere near Nuneaton for a thing, and really, there's only so much to do in Nuneaton. Battles! Blanchett! Floofy historians off the telly - we talk about these and more.

This week, Donna makes the mistake of watching the news. We get from Ikea to the US President VIA OUR SCORN... via our scorn? Oh no, it's an anagram of that thing again! Is every day Groundhog Day? No, it's too hot. So why am I wearing this dung-gray hood? Oh no, stop it with the anagrams already!

Hey for all you clickers and checkers, yes, I am back! I am socially isolated with my very special guest Neil K. Bond which is a bit handy, isn't it? This podcast was fueled by scrumpy and not for young ears. I know, my liver thought I knew better as well. Missed you all, but like all the compliments Neil hands me,  I'm back!

This week Donna goes off an a very peculiar tangent, talking about Peter Davidson and his nuns around Keele, who were a good deal more tangible than certain a certain famous alumnus who was supposedly there at the same time. Plus, Good news for the Baron!

Konichiwa! After a very Japanese themed weekend in Manchester watching Babymetal, Donna is back, back, BACK I tell you. With her almost news, get her! Picture her looking all kawaii, with her hair in bunches and jumping around like a loon. Oh, and Happy New Year, can I still say that?

This week Donna has been to see Last Christmas and talks about that M. Night Shyamalan shizzle. She's your nutter on the bus, and if it weren't for Robbie Williams, the maddest person you have heard of on Weight Watchers.

This week Donna gets into fights with humans, and deadly wild animals. Her neighbours are cats, leaving presents of food on the doorstep. The buses are warping her brain. Probably needs help.

This isn't an episode, it's an apology.

Hope you're having a great December so far, see you on Wednesday!

This week Donna ponders the middle-aged version of the John Lewis Christmas ad, and her mother's reaction to evangelists and sex toys. Lovely gigs, awesome humans, and some of the worst people on the planet. I hope they listen.

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